About Us

The main stumbling block we've found within the UK, is that people don't have a clue how to pronounce our company name. As you can guess, this can somewhat hinder the process of introducing yourself. This little problem is completely understandable of course, as a Dutch company, the pronounciation is a world away from the UK.

We had the exact same problem on our first days!

So, to clear up any confusion, the actual pronounciation of the company is 'Ver-Shtay-Gun' but we're more than happy if you want to carry on with calling us 'Versta-jun', 'Versta-gun' or anything like that. Honestly, it's fine.

Founded in 1886 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Verstegen Spices & Sauces is a family company, currently in its fourth generation of ownership.  As a market leading producer and supplier of ingredients and food products, our philosophy is simple; to source, produce and supply only premium quality products and to inspire you with new tastes and ideas...all of which we do, with pleasure.

For an insight into the history, expansion and current business activities of Verstegen, please view our latest video presentation below.