At Verstegen, we have a huge range of products and concepts. Here, you can find our brochures that are aimed exactly at what you're looking for.

Whether you're looking to freshen up your butchers counter, or looking to bring some new ingredients into your kitchen, you can see the selections from our latest concepts:


Foodservice Assortment -

Here, we have a collection of essential products that could work wonders in your kitchen. You can find our lines of incredibly high quality single spices and spice mixes, along with our sauces and marinades.


Foodservice - Kumar's curry pastes with recipe inserts

Create incredibly authentic curries with ease. Our Kumar's curry pastes are all gluten-free and contain no MSG. In addition to this they're all halal-certified. The main flavour found in each flavour of curry is used fresh, giving it a totally different flavour to regular curry sauces.


Fresh Service - World Grills and Marinades

Our most innovative products for butchers, fishmongers and bakers. Our range of World Grills and marinades allow you to add authentic flavour to your counter with minimal fuss.


Food Service - Spice Oil

If you're looking to add authentic, balanced world flavours to your cooking, then our Spice Oils are perfect. They can be used when marinating meat, adding flavour to soups and casseroles, or when creating a salad dressing.


Fresh Service - Peru

To keep you counter as up to date as possible, you can utilise our range of marinades, sauces and spice mixes to make use of one of the most exciting cuisines. Keep your shop as current as the latest restaurants.


Fresh Service - Schnitzels and Crumbs

Keep your crumbed products looking fresh and colourful for longer. We have a huge range of flavoured schnitzel mixes and breadcrumb coatings that when used with our 'batter and shake' mix, can transform your counter with ease.