Cracking pepper - try something new

It’s safe to say that people are getting more and more
adventurous with their cooking. It’s even getting to the point where trying
recipes in your kitchen can include such contraptions as liquid nitrogen.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick that up from our website, but
we do have a handful of unique ingredients that can definitely earn a special
place in your kitchen cupboard.

As Verstegen started out, all the way back in 1886, solely
as pepper traders, we take a lot of pride in finding new and interesting ways
to integrate our pepper into our different products. Pepper has the potential
to work very well with so many different ingredients, it can go on everything
from steak, to salad, to strawberries, so it only makes sense to offer it
already combined with a few classic flavours.

You can see the different varieties we offer here.
You can pretty much find ones to suit every mood and occasion. We have some of
our peppers blended with fruit, some with other herbs and spices, even some blended
with seaweed! So you can definitely get your experimental chef hat on, which I’m
told is a lot like a regular chef hat, but a little grander.

Have a look at some of our best lines:

Season Pepper - Seaweed, Garlic and Shallot 

A fantastic one to use with any seafood. Sprinkle over some fried squid to really make it stand out.


Season Pepper - Wild Mushroom

Handy to throw into any savoury dish, be it pasta, salad or seasoning a steak.


Fruit Pepper - Strawberry Lemon

Something more unique here. Pieces of black pepper work well with the fruit to bring out the best in a lot of desserts. You can sprinkle your strawberries with it, or if it happens to NOT be Wimbledon, it can also be used with fish or other white meats.

So if you want to try a few new things in the kitchen, at least you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't have to invest in a Bunsen burner just yet. Try a few new small things, your guests will certainly notice the difference.