We foster a close working relationship with all our industry clients, providing service that is unique to them. We ensure that their production remains as seamless as possible. By working with each other, our clients will see real value added to their products. Click here to visit our main Verstegen Industry website.

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Verstegen products are in most people kitchens and on all supermarket shelves, often found in some of the most well known brands across the world. We have experience in working with food manufacturers of all sizes across the following market sectors.



Meat, Poultry and Game 

Vegetables, Salads and Fruit

Ready Meals

Vegetarian Products

Fish and Shellfish

Bakery and Confectionary

Snack and Convenience Foods

Soups, Sauces, Dressings and Dips

Sandwich Fillings

Cheese and Dairy Products


Product Groups


With a range of over 7000 products, we offer endless flavour possibilities for new developments or private label projects. Our culinary support team is also on hand to offer additional technical support and practical advice for external production lines.  

Our core product groups can be categorised as follows:


·          Herbs, Spices and Seasonings (for internal and external application)

·          Decoration and Show Mixes

·          Crumbs and Schnitzel Mixes

·          Cures, Brines, Injection and Tumble Mixes

·          Functional Ingredients (additives, stabilisers, binders, batters)

·          Sauces (meal sauces, garnish sauces, dip sauces and culinary sauces)

·          Marinades (oil-based, water-based, emulsions)

·          Dressings

·          Seasoning Pastes 


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Our production facilities in Rotterdam hold the following certification: