Nordic - The Real Taste of Scandinavia

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Verstegen Spices & Sauces have developed a new Nordic concept, containing a range of Scandinavian inspired products that will give your meat, chicken, vegetables and fish dishes a sensational Nordic character. With an authentic, earthy touch, these new lines offer you the inspiration to respond to the emerging trend of Scandinavian cuisine.

Scandinavian cuisine has made a real name for itself over the past few years, especially with the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen winning the World's best restaurant award three times running. This trend has not gone unnoticed in Great Britain and other European countries, with several consumer magazines devoting special attention to the Nordic kitchen.  

Honest, local and pure ingredients are important features of Nordic cuisine. Their dishes are robust and contain a lot of seeds, berries and dried herbs, and the Verstegen Nordic range is based on these characteristics. With the new Nordic range, you can now sell products with a story, presenting your customers with distinctive, colourful dishes with a vibrant atmosphere the whole year through. 

 Nordic Products

The new Nordic range includes a wide selection of products, including various sauces, marinades, rubs and spice blends. 


A good starting point is the Basic Nordic Rub, which ensures optimum adhesion of the dry Nordic Rub for Meat. The dried herbs and seeds have many different flavours on the palate, from sweet, to sour, to bitter. There is also a Nordic Rub for Fish & Poultry especially for poultry and fish dishes. Combining the Basic Rub with either of the dry rubs will add real depth of flavour and true character to your products, not to mention incredible visuals.


Next up in the range is the Nordic Pickle Marinade, a tasty marinade for fish and meat that provides a delicious, succulent flavour. The marinade is also suitable for vegetables, which can then be served uncooked, preserving the vitamins and flavours, and offering a tasty, crunchy bite.

Another new product in the range is the Forest Fruit Marinade. This water-based marinade is great for chicken, pork and game. The marinade is combined with a light acidity, which provides a surprising, fruity taste and a very soft, velvety feeling in the mouth.


The Nordic range also includes two great sauces; Nordic Yellow Fjord Sauce and Nordic Red Viking Sauce. The Yellow Fjord sauce contains mustard and dill pickle, and has a fresh taste that fits perfectly with roasted meats, but can also be served with a steak or salad. The Nordic Red Viking sauce has a slightly more specific taste, and contains cranberries and horseradish. This sauce also goes very well with red meat and game.


To give the products an extra 'wow factor', there is the new Spicemix del Mondo Nordic. This herb and spice blend combines well with the rest of the Nordic products in the range and allows you to enrich the taste of your meat, chicken, vegetables and sauces even further.


For each new Nordic product, the Verstegen food specialists have devised some great ideas and recipes for use with meat, poultry, fish and vegetables too. For recipes, or further information just email us at or call our sales team on 01206 250200. Obviously there are many more applications for the Nordic products, so unleash your creativity and introduce your customers to the very latest culinary trends from Verstegen.



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