Verstegen Is B-Corp!

Verstegen Is B Corp Certified

Verstegen is now a B-Corp certified company. Although this doesn’t mean any change to our products or how we are as a company. It does mean.. ‘Great Taste, Better Future!’ That is Verstegen’s mission in a nutshell. We want to combine the best flavours with a positive impact on the world. As a family business,…

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National Craft Butcher Product Awards 2024

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring this years National Craft Butcher Product Awards. Verstegen UK are sponsoring the Best 30-Minute Meal category. This is a fantastic opportunity for Craft Butchers to show off their skills and creativity, transforming their products into fantastic meals. Judging will take place on 22nd August, with entries…

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Spicy Touch Blends

Verstegen spicy blend promotion

New: Spicy Touch Blends Spice up your dish!  Discover a new dimension of flavour and spice with our new Spicy Touch Blends . These four spice mixes, packaged in a handy grinder with two grinding settings, each consist of a unique combination of a specific pepper with herbs and spices. For a mildly spicy flavour explosion, up to a true…

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Product List – Fish

Verstegen's fish product brochure

A selection of the most essential Verstegen products for your convenience and creativity.

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Butchery Product List

Verstegen's Butchery sauce/marinade brochure

A selection of the most essential Verstegen products for yourconvenience and creativity. Please contact us for further advice,guidance, or to arrange a product demonstration.

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Circular Bioeconomy Alliance

Biodiversity is important, we believe at Verstegen. That is why we have joined the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA), an organization founded in 2020 by Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. This alliance connects various organizations to promote the circular bioeconomy while recovering globally. In this way, in the coming years, we will be able to…

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A Special Moment

A special moment: in Costa Rica, on one of our agroforestry fields, farmers encountered this cheerful sloth in a cocoa tree! In agroforestry, several different crops are planted on one plot of land. This method ensures, among other things, a higher productivity and quality of the harvest and is good for the soil quality. In…

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