Verstegen produce an enormous range of ingredients and food products, of which only the most popular items are stocked by our UK wholesalers.

The highest quality

Quality within Verstegen starts at the origin and is maintained throughout the entire process: in raw materials, production processes, end products and in our attitude to the environment. Through quality controls, we test everything carefully and ensure that the quality and taste are preserved. That way we also have the right certificates.

Our experience

Verstegen products are in most people kitchens and on all supermarket shelves, often found in some of the most well known brands across the world. We have experience in working with food manufacturers of all sizes across the following market sectors.

How we work

We foster a close working relationship with all our industry clients, providing service that is unique to them. We ensure that their production remains as seamless as possible. By working with each other, our clients will see real value added to their products.

Active in more than 30 countries

Verstegen collects all herbs and spices from the origin, where we work together with local farmers on the purest herbs and spices. From here we have everything in our own hands: from transport to self-grinding and safe processing. We are now active in more than 30 countries around the world, from the supermarket to the industry. With a large variation from the purest herbs and spices to the tastiest mixes, sauces and marinades. Want to know more about our range? 

Our Packaging

Verstegen also offers the possibility to pack sauces in a variety of beakers. The 120 ml beaker is also suitable for dry products. They are heat resistant so they can be heated in the microwave and are suited for promoting your meat-, fish- or vegetable specialties.

1000 liter unit with inner bag (liner) for single use. After pumping out the liner you will experience the logistical advantage: when folded, 5 TNT containers fit on only 1 pallet location. The box is only suitable for cold liquid products.

Our sachets are available in many sizes. From 10 grams upwards they can be filled with any desired dry product. Sealed on three or four sides and available in either transparent or printed foil. With printed foil we use food grade print and it is possible to use an interlayered foil. Most of them are foreseen with an easy opening.

Hard plastic pallet-sized collection box ideal for goods in plastic bags. Available in the sizes 0.80mx 1.20m and 1.00mx 1.20m. Once the export box is empty, your advantage starts: when folded, 5 export boxes fit on only one pallet location during return transport.

Verstegen provides cups and a tub in three sizes, varying from 25 ml to 80 ml. You can easily pack the cups and the tub with your range of prepacked foods towards supermarkets.

At Verstegen we are proud of our sticks. They can be conveniently filled in any desired weight from 4 grams upwards, are sealed on three sides, available in a width from 20 mm to 55 mm and foreseen with an easy opening. We only use food grade print and it is possible to use an interlayered foil. Interlayered foil can be printed so design possibilities are endless.

Verstegen also provides big bags. A possible solutions for products in high quantities.

Liquid products can be packed in small or large sticks, varying in a width from 55 mm to 111 mm with a content of 5 ml to 2000 ml. Sealed on three sides, available in printed or transparent foil and easy to open with our easy opening technique. This innovative way of packaging liquids also keeps the impact on the environment down to a minimum because after using there is less waste of packaging materials. We only use food grade print and it is possible to use an interlayered foil. Design possibilities are endless.

A steel frame mounted on a fixed pallet of metal and plastic. In this frame a large sturdy plastic packaging of 1000 liter capacity is placed. The HDPE packaging is for single use and only suitable for liquid products.

Our sachets suitable for liquids are sealed on four sides and are available in either transparent and printed foil. We only use food grade print and it is possible to use an interlayered foil. Design possibilities are endless.

The same spices and herbs, same quality but only in a budget pack! Only suitable for dry products.

Verstegen offers a variety of bottles of which you can choose for your product. Stickers are used to customise your product and food safety is guaranteed with our induction seals and warranty dosage caps.

We have buckets in a range of different sizes with a safety seal in the lid. For liquid products sometimes an extra top seal is applied to protect your product.

Sometimes it may be practical to pour your product. These jerrycans could be the perfect solution. For liquid products only and with warranty cap.

The perfect blue bag with a volume that precisely matches your production process. Volume can differ from 2 L to 50 L. Only suitable for dry products and foreseen with easy opening

Want to know more about our packaging options?

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