Halal nutrition is becoming increasingly important. Verstegen Spices & Sauces BV responds to the increasing market demand with a Halal range of more than 150 products.

Information about the Halal certificate

Halal is a nutrition doctrine with clear food prescriptions that Muslims must adhere to. Halal food is prepared according to Islamic food laws.

Take meat for example. Meat is only permitted for consumption if it has been slaughtered in a religious manner. In addition, the animal must have lived with dignity and not be exposed to stress and abuse. For example, there are also regulations for other foods.

Halal International Control (HIC) is an independent organization that issues international Halal certificates. The basis for correct Halal control is formed by accuracy and expertise in combination with a strong sense of integrity. These are the norms and values ​​that form the basis of HIC’s right to exist. HIC has a close collaboration with the Al Azhar research academy and the Dar ul ifta committee, both based in Cairo. With these highly renowned committees as support, HIC is able to give a careful and reliable answer to all Halal nutrition issues.

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