More and more is expected of you and your products, certainly when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Consumers are become more aware of what they eat and what they choose to buy. It’s beyond hype, it’s an ongoing trend.

Verstegen is keen to help you to continue to satisfy these demands. That’s why we introduced our Pure label several years ago. Products bearing this label contain no declarable allergens, no MSG, no phosphates, and a minimum amount of salt. So they really are pure products. Nevertheless, Verstegen has now succeeded in making its Pure label range even purer. And at the same time, even more flavoursome. This enables food professionals to respond more appropriately to increasing demands, today and in the future.

The rejuvenated Pure label:

• Even better flavours through the
balanced use of herbs and spices
• Free of declarable allergens
• Free of MSG
• Minimal salt content
• Free of additives that may not be used in meat preparations

The PURE Label

In developing its Pure label, Verstegen has always made flavour the starting point. How can products be made even purer without compromising on taste? The Pure label was the answer. Products bearing the Pure label taste great but contain no declarable allergens, no MSG, no phosphates and a minimum amount of salt. They are also more flavoursome through the balanced use of herbs and spices.

What has been improved?

Still, pure can always be purer. That’s what Verstegen has proven with its new Pure label. In addition to the additives mentioned previously, all additives that may no longer be used in meat preparations have now been removed. What’s more, the use of sugars and flavourings has been further minimised. At the same time, flavour has been greatly improved by the balanced use of herbs and spices. This has resulted in an enormous improvement in taste and therefore in a new dosage. The result is a label that is even better suited to the needs of the health-aware consumer. Purer and tastier. Pure, the new standard.

Pure, the new standard

The new Pure label is the answer to health trends, and to the international need for salt reduction in products. It also takes account of food allergies and intolerances. Moreover, it constitutes a guideline for all Verstegen’s new developments and product concepts. In this way, Verstegen helps all food professionals to create the finest flavours with the purest ingredients.