Verstegen sauces have the answers

A lot has changed within the food sector since our foundation. Especially when it comes to the wishes and needs of your guests and customers. There are new concepts of convenience, health, durability and quality. As a professional, you are of course constantly looking for appropriate answers to these changing needs. And we are happy to support you. That is why you'll find those answers in our new sauces range from now on.

Three different, recognisable lines

Whereas sauce used to be a by-product, it is becoming an increasingly important part of various dishes. Moreover, it can offer the distinctiveness that you want. We took a close look at our existing top sauces, added new sauces and grouped everything into three different lines: Classic, Connoisseur and Guilt Free.

Classic Sauces

Delicious sauces for every kitchen, made with the very best ingredients from the countries of origin. Famous and popular sauces with the trusted Verstegen quality. Ready-to-use, but with room for your own creative finishing touch

Connoisseur sauces

In no time at all, dishes become unique with the use of the Connoisseur sauces. Taste the flavour of extreme precision created by connoisseurs, for connoisseurs. Save valuable preparation time and create space in the kitchen. These are the must-haves for your menu.

Guilt Free Sauces

Enjoy the Guilt Free products responsibly. These sauces are free from allergens to be listed, MSG and artificial fragrances, colours and flavours. Furthermore, the sauces are free of added sugars and sweeteners. Still, the sauces have a great taste. In this way, a responsible choice will also be a tasty choice!