Verstegen Spices & Sauces BV has SKAL certification for the organic preparation and packaging of a number of single herbs, spice mixes and spice pastes. In addition, various customer-specific biological mixtures are possible upon request. To be able to call a product ‘organic’, production must comply with certain legal rules. Do you want to know which one? Then read on.

Information about the EKO / SKAL certificate

Organic farming maintains the natural balance between humans, plants and animals. No artificial fertilizer or chemical-synthetic pesticides are used. Animals are kept in conditions that are as natural as possible, both in terms of living environment and food. Furthermore, applications of genetically modified organisms are not permitted!

European legislation states that a plant, animal or product may only be marketed as ‘organic’ when it comes from certified and organic production.
Commissioned by the Dutch government, ‘Stichting Skal’ certifies organic producers. In addition, the foundation generally supervises compliance with the legal rules regarding organic production. It also provides a constant flow of information to both consumers and producers.

SKAL certification protects consumers against deception. This prevents fraud on the market. Organic products are recognizable by the designation ‘organic’ but often also by the EKO quality mark.

Other Certificates