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Geo-information to improve pepper production

The pepper farmers in Indonesia receive geo-information by means of text messages or a mobile app. This information includes advice on drought prevention, irrigation, fertilization and optimizing good farming techniques. The advice also includes market information.

Challenges for pepper farmers

The SpiceUp focus is on pepper, as this is the most influential sector for economic growth in the regions Bangka Belitung, Western and Eastern Kalimantan and Lampung. Worldwide the demand for pepper has increased a lot. Pepper farmers in Indonesia face various challenges, such as weather conditions, availability of water and the increased risk of incidents with pests and diseases.

Application of agroforestry

Agroforestry means planting different crops in multiple layers. The bottom layer are vegetables and herbs, such as ginger and turmeric. The middle layer consists of shrubs with spices, such as white pepper, berries and fruits. The top layer consists of trees producing fruit and nuts. This system can do away with pesticides and fertilizers and no use is made of them. It also contributes to CO2 uptake from the air.

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Elected as the most sustainable company in the Netherlands

Verstegen was elected as the most sustainable company in the Netherlands. The award is an initiative of the Dutch foundation for carbon neutrality (Stichting Nederland CO2 Neutraal) in Driebergen. In the foundation’s search for the most sustainable company in the Netherlands, Verstegen was chosen as a worthy winner. For example, we started an agroforestry program and we help pepper farmers improve their harvests with the use of geo-data.