I’ve been using your sauce’s now for a while now and read on the packaging that you would like to hear feedback. Well what can I say I’ve marinade steaks, pork loins, chicken breasts and thighs, I’ve made stir fries, casserole’s and pasta dishes. They are so tasty and so versatile and you get plenty of sauce to make dishes for the whole family, when using as a marinade it make several meals, just a bit of cling film pop it in the fridge for another day. Fantastic value for money and so tasty your sauce’s has become an integral part of our weekly meals I use them twice or three times a week. My favorite i would say is the Sweet Chilli sauce, but I’ve got to say the Honey Mustard Sauce comes very close too. So I think it’s fair to say they are really good. Keep up the good work and thank you you help make our meal times more interesting and fun.