I just thought I would e-mail you about your sauces. During lockdown we started to use a farm butchers at Halsham a village not too many miles from us. Whilst we were there we noticed the display of your sauces. At first we bought a couple to try the Stilton and the Pepper. Once tasted we were hooked.  The next time we bought the range which the butcher sold which was Honey mustard sauce, Steak Diane Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Stilton Sauce. It is very hard to say which of these are my favourite but I think mine is the mushroom and my husbands the pepper. Now we have discovered them we will continue buying them because they all have such a lovely intense flavour. My daughter is another one buying them. She tried the honey mustard one whilst visiting us and loved it.

Many thanks once again for making such a lovely product.

Maureen F