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With an almost endless array of spices and sauces that are carefully sourced around the globe, Verstegen have the products, and the experience of providing the best quality ingredients to all food markets.

Since forming in 1886, Verstegen have never compromised on the quality of their product, regardless of who they are trading with. So you can be sure that the black pepper or cinnamon you use at home, will be of the same top quality that we provide at industry or professional level.

In the UK, we have been present since the late 1980's, with a Verstegen UK branch being set up in 2002. Throughout this time we've mainly been providing professional items to butchers and fishmongers along with some select independent food stores. However, we've recently been bringing our retail products across the border and trying to introduce UK foodies to them.

We currently produce hundreds of products for home use, so there'll always be new things to try! 

We have a long history of providing essential ingredients to food professionals, as well as home users who really care about the quality of seasoning they cook with.

Innovation and evolution are imperative at Verstegen. This is why we are not only devoting time to maintaining our own high standards, that go well beyond the standard levels for purity, with our original products, but we are also constantly on the look out for new and exciting opportunities.

To see our full range, click here to visit our main Dutch website.

Verstegen Spices & Sauces UK Ltd, based near Colchester in Essex, is the sales and service office for the United Kingdom operating as intermediary for all business units, commercial, retail and industry.