Pepper Sauce

Hi my wife and myself have just tried your pepper sauce with steak for dinner and can safely it’s the best sauce we have had and with twenty four years in the catering have had a few keep it up and don’t change if it ain’t broke, it will keep going thank you…. stay safe

Pepper Sauce

I must admit that Your “iconic pepper sauce” is the best I ever tasted!

Steak Sauce

My husband and I really enjoyed your steak Diane sauce. What a tasty treat. This is how we are going to serve our steak from now on. We are hooked. Cheers to you for inventing such a delicious recipe.

Bearnaise Sauce

I really enjoyed the bearnaise sauce 80 ml pot! Very tasty so I’ll definitely be buying it again from my local farm shop. Looking forward to seeing what else is in the range

Product Feedback

Your sauces are amazing! Having made my own sauces for many years, since discovering your products i’ll never have to make another. The Steak Diane sauce ticks all of the boxes with steak whilst the Stilton Sauce is a perfect accompaniment to roast belly pork – they certainly please my taste buds! Best wishes from…

Traditional Mushroom Sauce

Hi I am just dropping a line, to let you know how much we enjoy your sauces. We have had quite a few and never been disappointed. Thank you.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Just a very brief email to let you know how much I like your product – thanks. I very often buy your 80ml sweet chilli sauce from my local butcher’s shop in Cheshire (he stocks all manner of herbs and spices) I like yours the best. A really lovely chilli sauce with just the right…

Fabulous products & Great service

Thanks for the fabulous products & great service. I wish I knew about you 7 years ago!!

Classic Sauces

I have enjoyed using these sauces. The Stilton goes with many dishes as does the Honey Mustard and Sweet chilli sauce.


Excellent….there is no room for improvement where this sauce is concerned. Thank You.

Excellent Service

I’ve received excellent service (as usual) from Verstegen, and I will be ordering again in the future. I am always impressed with how well the products are packed and how efficient the service is (compared to other companies).

Stilton Sauce

I just want to let you know that my husband and I LOVE your Stilton sauce. I have been looking for years to find a ready made tasty sauce and now I’ve found it. Thankyou!

Report on your “Retro Steak Diane Sauce”

Congratulations on a superb sauce “it took me back to the 1960’s in Cardiff, when after a beer tasting around some of Brains pubs we had supper in a small cafe in the area call S- plot which did not have a drinks licence but served the wine in a coffee pot and you drank…

Pepper Sauce

I would like to say how impressed my wife and I were with your pepper sauce.Its the first time we have tried it and it certainly won’t be the last.Well done to you all!

Honey & Mustard

  I just wanted to let you know that I have just tried one of your sauces for the first time (honey & mustard) and it was really delicious. I was so impressed and will look out for your other sauces as well now.


Thought I would let you know we discovered your pepper sauce at our local butchers and it is the best we have tasted, not at all bland like others and really adds something to the meal.

Steak Sauces

Just wanted to comment on your steak sauces. The flavours are spot on! and the pack size is ideal – thanks very much.

Sauce Fan

Love, Love Love your sauces but the Mushroom is my favourite and I buy a box each week.  Keep up the good work Sauce Fan 😂


I have just discovered these sauces and just wanted to let you know how fantastic they are. The taste is amazing and better than the pepper sauce I make from scratch. Well done.

Micro sauces

Just tried your honey mustard sauce and Diane sauce they were delicious. Just happened to pick them up in Doweys butchers in Lurgan, Northern Ireland so glad I did. Will definitely buy again.

Stilton Sauce

I would like to complement your company on an excellent product. My daughter included it in a meat hamper for fathers day. I do not normally have a sauce with my steak as I find that they distract the quality of the meat, however I shall be using it again hopefully in the near future.…


I’ve been using your sauce’s now for a while now and read on the packaging that you would like to hear feedback. Well what can I say I’ve marinade steaks, pork loins, chicken breasts and thighs, I’ve made stir fries, casserole’s and pasta dishes. They are so tasty and so versatile and you get plenty…


Hello from rural Ireland.  Have just tried your Steak Diane sauce and it was absolutely delicious. Don’t think I’ve eaten Steak Diane in a restaurant for 40 years but I will definitely be eating it again at home.  Will try your other sauces too.  Thank you. 

Stilton Sauce

Very pleased with the Stilton sauce.

Your traditional sauces 😋

I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your sauces, purchased from our excellent local butcher in Heighington.  We’ve tried the Stilton & Diane on steak & the mushroom on chicken. 

The best i’ve found

I’ve been buying these little pots (and equally delicious) Béarnaise, from Bell’s Butchers in Wey Hill, Haslemere, for some time. They’re the best I’ve found, really authentic.  Do you do a Hollandaise? Good luck with your sales!


I’ve been using Verstegen products for a few years now and have noticed such a difference in the results when cooking with their ingredients compared to the stuff they sell in the supermarkets, their spices are just superior in quality to anything I’ve tasted before. I’ve also tried a few of their sauces, although I…

Stunningly efficient service

Amazing company. Great produce and stunningly efficient service courtesy of Anna. Very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and polite. If only more companies were like this! Keep up the good work Anna.


I put an order in on Saturday it was delivered this morning by a very professional gentleman who made sure the parcel was sanitized The order was packed to perfection I was more than pleased I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends Thank you Stay safe

Pepper sauce

The only peppercorn sauce me and my wife will have with steak 👌

Delivery & Service

Excellent range of sauces.good service good delivery


Absolutely great

First Class

Thank you Anna. I’ll be in touch when I receive something.  First class service from you and Verstegen, there’s an awful lot of companies that could learn a thing or two from you.  Best wishes Vanessa


Goodness gracious!  Thank you very much for the wonderful, generous box of samples which has just arrived.  It really is extremely kind.  We have never had bumbu before and will be cooking that for supper this evening.  We are very much looking forward to it.  Your level of customer service is very much appreciated and is…


Hi Anna Thank you for the info, even a small amount of onion causes us problems, so that is good to know.  Being able to access the ingredient list online will be a real boon for us, and look forward to it.  In the meantime I will email you if I have any more queries,…

Great customer service

Hi Anna, Happy Friday to you. Firstly can I start by saying how delicious the Bearnaise sauce was !!! And secondly thank you so much for providing me and my other half such great customer service, the delivery came during the week. Thirdly I am sorry for being such a scatter brain with the address.…


Thank you Anna On a side note. The quality of the products and the service from Verstegen is fantastic. Thank you very much

First class


Great customer service

Thank you, Order has been placed successfully. Woohoo Looking forward to receiving the lovely spices, spices galore next week, yummie. Thank you so much again for all your help and great customer service.

Delivery & service

Hi Anna Just received the package this morning and many thanks for your prompt and great service.


Hello Anna Many thanks for your email and great service. 

Excellent customer service

Hello Anna Thank you very much for your very prompt reply and for the reactivity of your team.   I received the Pepper Sauce early this week along with the complimentary Salt & Pepper grinders, many thanks. Excellent customer service!!! 

Recent order

Thank you – Stilton is our favourite. We actually have it mixed with blue cheese and poured over lettuce – delicious. The honey & mustard is superb smothered over belly pork & peppercorn obviously with a nice fillett steak and chunky chips dipped into it. However – thank you for the superb service and speedy…

Replacement sauces

Thank you for my replacement sauces your service has been excellent thank you Christine W

First Class service

Hello again Anna,  Thank you for your prompt reply with the information i requested,  a first class service once again. Kind regards, Ken W

Customer service

Hi Anna, Thank you for your usual excellent customer service. Thanks Ken


Hello, we tried your pepper sauce and the mushroom sauce and love them. Thank you and kind regards, Margaret


Just want to say i freakin’ love your pepper steak sauce! Tried it for the first time last night from my butchers and got online straight away to place an order. I live on my own so the portion size is perfect and reduces waste from bigger packs- tastes amazing- great product!

Iconic Pepper Sauce

Hello, Tonight we had home cooked Balmoral Chicken for dinner. For the first time we tried your pepper sauce with our meal. The sauce was convenient to use as we could pop it in the microwave and the flavour was delicious. The recommended 12-15 seconds microwave time was a bit short to achieve a hot…


Your level of customer service is very much appreciated and is exceptional.  Kind regards  Nina A