Asian Black Pepper Duck

Wilde Eend Filet Handeling


4 Duck Breasts
50g Wild Mushrooms
1 Red Onion
30g Popcorn
8g Verstegen Spice Mix Peru
600g Sweet Potato
25g Verstegen Spice Oil – Roasted Garlic Huacatay
150g Icing Sugar
100g Orange Juice
80g Verstegen Gomasio Classic
50g Melted Butter
30g Flour
1 Lime
8 Sprigs of Coriander
100g Connoisseur Asian Black Pepper Sauce


Pan fry the duck breast until the skin is crispy and its cooked to medium-rare and leave to rest.  Season with 5g of Spice Mix Peru .

Roast the sweet potatoes in their skins at 220 ° C for 30 minutes or until tender then remove the skin.

Puree the cooked sweet potato with 15 grams of Spice Oil – Roasted Garlic Huacatay .

Cook the popcorn corn and season with the Spice Mix Peru .

In a food processor mix the icing sugar, orange juice, Gomasio Classic , melted butter and flour to a smooth batter and let it rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Spread the smooth orange flavoured batter thinly onto a lined baking sheet and bake until golden brown at 160 ° C approx. 5-8 minutes.

Cut the red onion into thin half rings. Roughly pick the coriander.

Mix the thinly sliced wild mushrooms with the half onion rings and mix with 50 grams of Connoisseur Asian Black Pepper Sauce . Add the juice of the lime and the coriander.

Before serving, coat the duck breast with 10g of Spice Oil – Roasted Garlic Huacatay .

Divide the onion and mushrooms mix on a plate and slice the duck breast over it.

Garnish the dish with the sweet potato puree the remaining Connoisseur Asian Black Pepper Sauce , popcorn and the Gomasio orange crisps.