BBQ Char siu Pork stir fry

BBQ Char Siu Pork

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1 Pork fillet (trimmed and portioned)
250g Smokey BBQ Sauce
250g Ready to Use Gravy
50g World Grill Chinatown
Spicemix del Mondo Chinatown
200g White cabbage (shredded)
1 Red pepper (sliced)
1 Lrg Carrot (halved and sliced)
100g Mange tout
Sliced spring onions


Combine the vegetables with the Spicemix del Mondo Chinatown, Ready to Use Gravy and the Smokey BBQ Sauce.
Brush the pork fillet with the World Grill Chinatown and rest marinated pork fillet on top, garnish with the sliced spring onions.

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