BBQ Steak Roulade

Swinging dishes in Brazil! And you swing all the way during the Latin American barbecue! With this steak roulade you serve a swinging and colorful dish from the BBQ. The roulade is delicious with the Connoisseur Chunky garlic sauce.

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1 kg Steak
Bamboo sticks gunshaped 180 mm
Spice mix for Pulled Pork – Smokey Paprika Pure


Knot the steak like a roulade with the Butchers Twine.

Roll the steak roulade through the Spice Mix for Pulled Pork – Smokey Paprika.

Insert the Bamboo Stick gunshaped 180mm along the strings through the steak roulade .

Serve with Connoisseur Chunky garlic sauce

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