Breakfast Tortilla Wrap



Flour Tortillas
Back Bacon
Sliced Mushrooms
Cheddar Cheese
World Grill Smokey Barbecue PURE


Cut the tortilla from the centre to the edge.
Place a folded rasher of bacon on the first quarter, followed by a brush of Smokey Barbecue World Grill PURE and a sprinkle of cheese on the second.
Place sausagemeat on the 3rd quarter followed by sliced mushrooms and grated cheese on the 4th.
Fold the bacon quarter over the cheese and Smokey Barbecue World Grill PURE, then the sausagemeat and finally the mushroom.
Brush the top with more Smokey Barbecue World Grill PURE and top with cheese.

Oven cook at 170°c Gas Mark 3-4 for 20-25 minutes.