Cajun Ribs

Swinging dishes in Brazil! And you swing all the way during the Latin American barbecue! With these Cajun ribs you serve a swinging dish from the BBQ. Cajun ribs are boneless spare ribs, which makes them easy to prepare and to enjoy. The ribs are delicious with the Connoisseur Salsa cajun sauce.




Cut the pork belly lengthwise into slices about 1 cm thick.

Mix the Cajun blend and the Inject-tumble no-fos together.

Season the pork belly with this mixture.

Marinate the seasoned pork belly paste with the Verstegen Marinade – Western.

Vacuum seal the seasoned pork belly slices and cook them in the steamer at 90 ºC, 100% steam for 120 minutes.

Cool the meat down.

Finish the cooked Cajun ribs with the Verstegen Marinade – Western.