Cajun Ribs

Swinging dishes in Brazil! And you swing all the way during the Latin American barbecue! With these Cajun ribs you serve a swinging dish from the BBQ. Cajun ribs are boneless spare ribs, which makes them easy to prepare and to enjoy. The ribs are delicious with the Connoisseur Salsa cajun sauce.



1 kg Pork belly

20 g Cajun Blend

100 g Verstegen Marinade – Western

15 g Inject-tumble no-fos



Cut the pork belly lengthwise into slices about 1 cm thick.

Mix the Cajun blend and the Inject-tumble no-fos together.

Season the pork belly with this mixture.

Marinate the seasoned pork belly paste with the Verstegen Marinade – Western.

Vacuum seal the seasoned pork belly slices and cook them in the steamer at 90 ºC, 100% steam for 120 minutes.

Cool the meat down.

Finish the cooked Cajun ribs with the Verstegen Marinade – Western.