Chicken and Mushroom Pasties with Spinach

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1 bucket of Classic Mushroom Sauce
80 g Spicemix for Pulled Pork Chilli Pure
World Grill French Garden Pure
4 kg chicken thighs (boneless)
Spinach (fresh)
Puff pastry (slices)


Season the chicken thighs with the Spicemix for Pulled Pork Chilli Pure.

Vacuum seal the spiced chicken thighs and cook in the steamer on 100% steam
for 120 minutes at 85 ºC. Refrigerate and, when lukewarm, pull the chicken meat into threads.

Mix the dry cooked chicken meat with the Classic Mushroom Sauce.

Top the slices of puff pastry with spinach and the mushroom sauce-chicken mixture. Press the corners of the puff pastry firmly together.

Lightly coat the outside of the puff pastry with the World Grill French Garden.