Chicken Shoarma for 2

Chicken Shoarma for 2


1kg Chicken Breast (sliced)
75g World Grill Persian Market
20g Shoarma Spice Mix
2 Peppers (sliced)
4 Medium Onions (halved)

Sambal Oelek (chilli paste)
Yogurt and Garlic Sauce
Atjar Tjampoer
Pita Bread


Marinade the chicken in the World Grill Persian Market and the Shoarma Spice Mix and divide into 4 with the peppers.

Using half an onion as a base thread chicken and peppers onto the skewer and finish with another half of onion to top and tail the meat.

Serve with Sambal Oelek (chilli paste), Yogurt and Garlic Sauce, Atjar Tjampoer and Pita Bread