Christmas Breakfast Wreath

Having friends over for Christmas…why not treat them with this interesting breakfast idea, this product serves 6 and is a real show stopper.  Sausage, bacon, black pudding tear and share, surrounding a Camembert for dipping in!



1 Sheet Puff Pastry
350g Sausage Meat
Verstegen Guilt Free Tomato Ketchup
World Grill Honey and Mustard
50g Mushroom Sliceable Sauce
1 Camembert Cheese
8 Thin Slices of Black Pudding
8 Rashers Streaky Bacon
Season Pepper Wild Mushroom

Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine

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Place the sausage meat across the top of the pastry and squeeze a line of Guilt Free Tomato Ketchup along the meat, roll into a sausage roll and cut ¾ of the way through 16 times.

Wrap the sausage roll around the camembert to create a wreath.

Cut each slice of black pudding into half moons and wrap a half a rasher of bacon around each one, place in between each slash on the sausage roll.

Cut a hole big enough to stuff the Sliceable Mushroom Sauce in and brush the top with World Grill Honey and Mustard.

Place the cherry tomatoes on top and finish with the Season Pepper Wild Mushroom.