Christmas Pizza

Create a little Christmas cheer with this sure to please Christmas Pizza…. Perfect as an “all dig in” side dish to accompany any roast meat, not just turkey!

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400g Pre Made Stuffing (100g Stuffing, 300g Water)
100g Stilton
50g Cranberries
50g Chestnuts
10 Pigs in Blankets
50g Sliceable Mushroom Sauce
Grated Cheddar
World Grill Honey and Mustard
Verstegen Deco Blend France


Combine the stilton, cranberries and chestnuts with the stuffing mix and line the bottom of a silver foil to create a base for the pizza, arrange the 10 pigs in blankets around the outside to resemble a clock.
Place the 50g Sliceable Mushroom Sauce in the centre of the pizza and sprinkle over the grated cheese.
Garnish with Deco Blend France.