Cottage Pie

This has been one of our most popular dishes from the Seasonal Recipe Brochure, a combination of Verstegen Hachee and Verstegen Burgundy sauce gives depth of flavour to this family favourite. A simple dish that ticks all the boxes.

Cottage pie


1kg Minced Beef
500g Sauce for Hashed Meat
500g Burgundy Sauce
2g Spicemix Del Mondo Mediterranean PURE
8g Beef Steak Spices
20g Bond DS PURE
Mashed Potato

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Combine the minced beef with the Beef Steak Spices & Bond DS PURE.
Add the Sauce for Hashed Meat & Burgundy Sauce and mix until smooth.
Divide the meat in to 4 foil trays.
Mix the Spicemix Del Mondo Mediterranean PURE with the mashed potato and pipe on to the meat.
Cook at 150°c gas mark 3-4 for 30-35 minutes or until cooked through.