Halloween Ghoolishness

A selection of Halloween ghoulishness. Mummified Pork Sausage, Witches Finger, & Spooky Spider Sausage….have some fun this Halloween with these spooky creations!



Pork sausages
Puff pastry
World Grill French Garden
Batter & Shake
Crispy onions
White onion
Chilli rings
World Grill China Town

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Mummified pork sausage:

Cut thin strips of puff pastry and wrap around a sausage, use 2 cloves for the eyes and brush with World Grill French Garden, spider optional!

Witches finger:

Coat a sausage in Verstegen Batter and Shake and rolling in crispy onions, cut a white onion to resemble a creepy finger nail and position at the end of the coated sausage.

Spooky spider sausage:

Make 2 cuts at each end of a sausage and fan them to resemble legs, wrap a piece of pastry around the centre of the sausage, create a face with 2 cloves and Verstegen Chilli Rings, brush with World Grill China Town

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