Halloween Lamb Shoarma Pumpkin

With Halloween fast approaching and pumpkins plentiful, why not utilise them throughout October and create some amazing one person meals. Roasted pumpkin and Middle Eastern flavours combine to create a really interesting dish that’s not just for Halloween.

We use lamb mince, our Shoarma spice mix, dried mint, chick peas, dried apricots and Sliceable Garlic Sauce. Stuff the pumpkin and roast for 1hr 15 mins, peel the skin off and enjoy a complete meal for 1.

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Prep Time:


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6 Small Cooking Pumpkins
1kg Lamb Mince
50g Mix for Hamburger Complete PURE
30g Spice Mix Shoarma Amsterdam PURE
250g Sliceable Garlic Sauce
200g Chick Peas
150g Dried Apricots (chopped)
2g Dried Mint


Cut the top off the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. Combine the lamb mince with the Mix for Hamburger Complete PURE, Spice Mix Shoarma Amsterdam PURE, chick peas, dried apricots and dried mint and divide into 5 portions.
Cut the Sliceable Garlic Sauce into 50g pieces and encase the sauce in the meat mixture.
Stuff each pumpkin with the finished mix.

Cook at 180°c for 1hr 15 minutes