Ham Hock and Mushroom Raised Pie

Pie 1


For the pastry:

110g Lard
250ml Water
500g Plain Flour
2tsp Salt
10g Season Pepper Wild Mushroom PURE

For the filling:

500g Pulled Ham Hock
150g Sausage Meat
150g Pork Mince
100g Sliced Mushrooms
100g Sliced Leeks
10g Season Pepper Wild Mushroom
200g Sliceable Mushroom Sauce
Glaze Neutral

1 Trotter


For the pastry boil the water and add the lard, stir in the flour, salt and Season Pepper Wild Mushroom PURE, combine into a ball and chill.
For the filling combine all the ingredients together.
To construct the pie – line an 8inch cake tin with the hot water paste, fill with the ham hock mixture and top with slices of the Sliceable Mushroom Sauce.
Top with the remaining pastry and crimp the sides.
Cut the trotter in half and poke it in the middle of the pie, glaze with egg yolk and sprinkle with salt and thyme leaves.
Bake at 160 °c gas mark 3 for 1.5 hours or until core temp is 76 °c
Once cooked and chilled brush with Glaze Neutral for a high gloss finish.

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