Hong Kong Hot Sauce Chicken

Mixing Sambal Chilli Paste into sauces gives a delicious heat to any dish, here we have spiced up our Hong Kong sauce and marinated the chicken in World Grill Chinatown.



Chicken Fillets
Tjap Tjoi Composition
Bond DS
600g Hong Kong Sauce
Sambal Oelek (chilli paste)
World Grill Chinatown
Sesame Seeds
Chopped Oriental Vegetables (peppers, bamboo shoots, red onion, spring onion, water chestnuts)


Score the chicken fillet and dust with Tjap Tjoi Composition and brush with World Grill Chinatown.
Dust the vegetables lightly with Bond DS and Tjap Tjoi Composition.
Mix together Hong Kong Sauce with 10-20% Sambal Oelek depending how spicy you want it.
Add to the vegetables and mix well.
Sit the chicken on top of the sauce and garnish with Sesame Seeds.

Cook at 170°c gas mark 3-4 for 20-25 minutes or a core temperature of 72°c.

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