Kumar’s Green Curry Octopus Pulpo

Green octopus resized


1 Small octopus, approx. 800g
30 g Kumar’s Green Curry Paste
400 g Coconut milk
Fresh green beans
1 Small fennel
1 Small red pepper


Cut off the tentacles and cook the octopus in slightly salted water for approx. 3 hours. Remove from the water and cook a further 5 minutes in the coconut milk mixed with the Green curry paste.
Finely chop the green beans and blanch for 4 minutes in the coconut milk/green curry paste mixture. Finely slice the fennel and blanch for 3 minutes.
Make a sauce from the coconut milk mixture.
Finely chop the red pepper into cubes.
Serve: Mix half of the green beans with the rice.
Spread out the tentacles on the plate together with the fennel and the rest of the green beans. Garnish with the sauce and the shredded chili.

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