Kumar’s Red Curry Pork with Roast Potatoes



Pre-cook the potatoes and fry them (flat side down) in olive oil over low heat; add the lime peel (in pieces) and mix well.
Chop the garlic cloves and add to the potatoes, cook through for three more minutes, then add the Red curry paste.
Pan-fry the pork tenderloin with a dash of salt and pepper until the core temperature reaches 70 °C. Next, add the potatoes to the pork.
Purée the ricotta, season with salt and add a little of the chopped coriander.
To serve: arrange the meat and potatoes on a flat plate and scatter the ricotta mousse and chopped coriander over the top.
Preparation suggestion: a variety of different kinds of meat or fish can be used in this dish of curry and potatoes.

Kumar’s – The Aromas of Asia

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