Kumar’s Red Curry Soup

Kumar’s Red Curry Soup with prawns and red pepper



Cut the pepper and stir in a pan with a little oil or butter, add the red curry paste.
Add the chicken stock, tomato paste and coconut milk, boil.
Add salt and puree in a blender.
Stir the prawns in a little oil then stick them on kebab sticks.
Fry the Julienne strips of red pepper in the same pan.

As salad: Green tomatoes, red onions, sugar snaps, rice vinegar, Thai basil, coriander, cooked rice and a pinch of salt.

Serve: Pour the soup into 4 soup bowls.
Place the prawn kebabs on top and garnish with a little pesto and fried pepper. Serve the rice salad on the side. Decorate with a little lime zest.

Kumar’s – The Aromas of Asia

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