Lamb Kofta Cannelloni

Spiced lamb kofta in a cannelloni tube…makes sense when you think about it! A lovely addition to you counter for your spice loving customers.

Lamb Kofta Cannelloni


30 x Cannelloni tubes
1kg of Minced lamb
50g Hamburger mix complete PURE
20g Spicemix Del Mondo Medina
20g Fresh mint finely diced
50g Crumbled Feta
1kg Italian herb and tomato sauce PURE
750g Gratin sauce

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Mix together the minced lamb, Hamburger mix complete, Spicemix Del Mondo Medina, mint and feta.
Stuff the mix into 6 cannelloni tubes (this can be rolled out and stuffed, piped or put through a sausage filler).
Spoon 200g of Italian herb and tomato sauce into the base of a tin foil tray and spread evenly.
Place the stuffed cannelloni tubes onto the bed of sauce in the tray.
Cover the cannelloni evenly with 150g of Gratin sauce.

Garnishing and toppings

To finish cover with grated cheddar cheese and Spicemix Del Mondo Medina. Add tomato on the vine for a finishing garnish.

Cook in a pre-heated oven at 150 degrees for 40 minutes.