Meatloaf En Croute



500g Minced Beef
500g Minced Pork
50g Hamburger Mix Complete PURE
20g Spicemix Del Mondo Mediterrane PURE
100g Peppers (diced)
100g Carrot (grated)
50g Red Onion (diced)
Lattice Pastry
World Grill Mediterrane PURE


Mix the beef and pork mince with the Hamburger Mix Complete PURE and Spicemix Del Mondo Mediterrane PURE.
Add the vegetables and mix well.
Weigh in to 180g portions and form in an oval shape.
Top with lattice pastry and brush with World Grill Mediterrane PURE.

Oven cook at 200°c gas mark 6  for 25-35 minutes or until a core temperature of 73°c.