Mexican Beef Tortillas



1kg Minced Beef
50g Hamburger Mix Complete PURE
30g Water
20g Spicemix Del Mondo Guadalajara PURE
Flour Tortillas
Grated Cheddar
Gratin Sauce
World Grill Mexican Madness PURE


Combine the minced beef with the Hamburger Mix Complete PURE, water and Spicemix Del Mondo Guadalajara PURE.
Weigh out in to 150g portions, roll out to a sausage shape,  place on a flour tortilla and roll up.
Brush the outside of the tortilla with a thin layer of World Grill Mexican Madness PURE.
Spoon over some Gratin Sauce, top with cheese and a sprinkle of Spicemix Del Mondo Guadalajara PURE.

Oven cook at 150°c gas mark 2 for 20-30 minutes or until cooked through.