Mexican Lamb Sausage

Try making this sausage yourself and give it your own twist. The unique base mix preserves the freshness of the sausage for longer. This combination of chili, smoked paprika and smoked coriander gives a surprising end product.



1 kg lamb mince (max. 30% fat)

35 g Verstegen Sausage Mix PURE

10 g Verstegen Spicemix for Pulled Pork Smoky Paprika PURE

Sausage casings


Add the Verstegen Mix for Sausage completely together with the Verstegen Spicemix for Pulled Pork Smoky Paprika to the lamb mince.

Mix until sufficient binding.

Put in to sausage casings to a sausage of about 250 grams.

Roll the sausages into a spiral.

If necessary, secure the sausages with a skewer.