Mexican Slow-Cooked Beef with Purée

Mexican pulled beef dish resized


1 Bucket of Classic Sauce for Hashed Meat
1 Bucket of Classic Rich Chasseur Sauce
50 g Spicemix del Mondo Chimichurri
50 g Bond DS Pure
100 g World Grill Mexican Madness
6 kg Beef in cubes
2 kg Potato purée


Mix the beef with the Bond DS and the Spicemix del Mondo Chimichurri.

Mix the spiced beef with the Classic Sauce for Hashed Meat and the Classic Rich Chasseur Sauce.

Vacuum seal the beef and cook it sous-vide on 100% steam for 4 hours at 85ºC. Allow to cool.

Pour the meat into an oven dish.

Mix the potato purée and the World Grill Mexican Madness.

Put the spiced potato purée in a piping bag.

Decorate the beef with the spiced potato purée.