Mexican-Style Burger



4 Sour dough rolls
600 g Minced beef
120 g Pulled pork
2 Little gems
1 Roasted bell pepper
1 Red onion
4 Slices of cheddar
Verstegen Guilt Free Tomato Ketchup
Spice Mix for Minced Meat
Handful of tortilla chips


Mix the minced beef with the pulled pork and Spice Mix for Meat.

Form four burgers.

Bake the rolls and cut in half.

Grill the burger to your liking and top with cheddar.

Cover the bread with the little gem, place the bell pepper, red onion and the hamburger with cheddar on to the bread.

Divide the Verstegen Guilt Free Tomato Ketchup and finish the burger with the tortilla chips at the top of the bun.

Finish with crispy onions.