Neeps & Tattie Haggis Truffle


1000g Minced Beef
500g Crumbled Haggis
40g Mix for Hamburger Complete PURE
Swede & carrot Mash
Mashed Potato
Wholegrain Mustard
Decoration Blend France
World Grill French Garden PURE


Combine the minced beef  and crumbed haggis with the Mix for Hamburger Complete PURE.
Weigh in to 150-180g portions and form in to truffles.
Place a spoonful of swede mash in the bottom.
Flavour the mashed potato with wholegrain mustard and pipe on top.
Brush the outside with World Grill French Garden PURE and top with Decoration Blend France.

Cook at 170°c gas mark 3-4 for 20-25 minutes or a core temperature of 72°c.

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