Plum Orange & Lemon Duck

Duck requires fruit to cut through the fat and richness of the meat, we marinade the duck in our Plum Marinade and Glaze with World Grill China Town, serve with Lemon and Coriander sauce and add extra tang with fresh orange.

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Prep Time:


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Duck Breasts
Marinade Chinese Plum
Fresh Plums
Orange Slices
World Grill Chinatown
Lemon Coriander Sauce


Butterfly the duck breasts and marinate overnight in Marinade Chinese Plum.
Place slices of plum in the pocket of the duck.
Top with orange slices and secure with meat bands.
Brush with World Grill Chinatown and sit on a bed of Lemon Coriander Sauce.

Cook at 160°c gas mark 3 for 20-25 minutes or a core temperature of 72°c.

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