4 Wraps
Kidney beans
3 Rings of jalapeño pepper
2 Spring onions
1 Tomato concasse
Cashew nuts
Grated cheddar
Crème fraîche
Verstegen Spicemix del Mondo Guadalajara
Verstegen Guilt Free Salsa Tex-Mex


Place a wrap in a dry frying pan.

Spread half with the Verstegen Guilt Free Salsa Tex-Mex.

Divide the corn, kidney beans, jalapeño pepper, spring onion, tomato, cashew nuts and cheddar on the wrap.

Grind the Verstegen Spicemix del Mondo Guadalajara here.

Heat the pan and fold the wrap in half.

Turn the wrap over and bake when the cheese starts to melt.

Cut the quesadilla in parts and serve with crème fraîche and coriander.