Rendang Entrecôte with Sweet Potato Puree

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250 g Entrecôte
1 Large sweet potato
Spring onions
Parma ham
100 ml Beef stock
10 g Vindaloo paste
40 g Rendang paste
½ Tablespoon of freshly grated ginger


Peel the sweet potato. ¼ for frying, ¾ for the puree. Cut the potato into pieces for the puree and cook. Puree with the Vindaloo paste and 30 g butter. Cut the left over sweet potato into small pieces to be fried later. Pre-cook and fry in the pan with a little butter (30 g) and orange juice (30 ml).
Spread the Rendang paste on the meat and cook for 30 minutes at 65 °C with the sous-vide technique. Alternatively, cook at 80 °C in the oven until the core temperature reaches 54 °C.
Spread the Rendang paste on the warm meat before carving.
Salt before serving.
Fry the spring onions in the pan, add ginger.
Cut the parma ham and roast in the oven.
Mix 20 g of Rendang paste into the beef stock.

Serve: Place all the ingredients on the plate, pour the sauce over with a spoon and garnish with the roasted parma ham.

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