Steak & Peppercorn Haggis Saltire

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500g Steak Mince
500g Crumbed Haggis
25g Mix for Hamburger Complete PURE
Sliceable Pepper Sauce
Puff Pastry Strips
World Grill Basic Sea Salt & Lampong PURE
Pink Pepper Berries


Combine the steak mince, haggis and Mix for Hamburger Complete PURE.
Weigh in to 180g portions, wrap around a piece of Sliceable Pepper Sauce and form in to an oval.
Place 2 strips of pastry across each oval and tuck under.
Glaze with World Grill Basic Sea Salt & Lampong PURE and finish with Pink Pepper Berries.

Cook at 180°c gas mark 4 for 20-25 minutes or a core temperature of 72°c.