Steamed Bao Bun with Pork Belly



Pork belly

Spicemix del Mondo Chinatown

Guilt Free Sweet Chilli

Black bao buns

Pak choy, carrot and red onion


Crispy Onions

Rice, apple or white wine vinegar


Marinate the pork belly with the Spicemix del Mondo Chinatown and cook for 12 hours at 70 ºC.

Pickle the pak choy, carrot and red onion in rice, apple or white wine vinegar, salt & sugar.

Brush the pork belly with the Guilt Free sauce and roast until crisp.

Steam the bao buns, cut the pork belly into slices and top the buns with the pickle and slices of pork belly.

Garnish with Guilt Free Sweet Chilli coriander and crispy onions.