Stilton, Mushroom & Bacon Truffles



1kg Minced Beef
50g Hamburger Mix Complete PURE
30g Water
Sliceable Mushroom Sauce
World Grill Basic Sea Salt & Lampong Pepper PURE
Streaky Bacon
Mushrooms (diced)
Peppers (diced)
Red Onion (diced)
Stilton Cheese
Season Pepper Wild Mushroom PURE


Combine the mined beef with the water and Hamburger Mix Complete PURE.
Form in to 150g truffles, and brush the top and inside with World Grill Basic Sea Salt & Lampong Pepper PURE.
Mix the diced vegetables together and place a spoonful in the bottom and top with a wedge of Stilton and a slice of Sliceable Mushroom Sauce and finish with a grind of Season Pepper Wild Mushroom PURE.
Wrap a rasher of streaky bacon around each truffle and secure with a skewer.

Oven cook at 180°c for 20-25 minutes.