Tandoori Duck Breast, Aubergine and Mushroom Curry

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1Kg Duck Breasts (Scored)
80g World Grill Tandoori PURE
Spice Mix Del Mondo Massala PURE
250g Mushrooms (Quartered)
250g Aubergine (Diced)
500g Yogurt and Garlic Sauce
50g Worlds Grill Indian Mystery PURE


Pre-season the duck breasts with the Spice Mix Del Mondo Massala PURE and brush with the World Grill Tandoori PURE.
Combine the mushrooms and aubergines with the Yogurt and Garlic Sauce and Worlds Grill Indian Mystery PURE.
Place the duck breast on the vegetable curry mix.

Oven cook at 170 °c gas mark 3-4 for 20 minutes until the duck is cooked medium.

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