Tex Mex Chilli Chicken

Tex Mex Chilli Chicken


Chicken Fillets
Monteray Jack or Chilli Cheese
Back Bacon
Salsa Tex Mex Sauce
Mixed Beans (tinned)
Spice Mix Del Mondo Guadalajara PURE
World Grill Mexican Madness PURE

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Cut a vertical pocket in the chicken.
Insert a piece of cheese.
Wrap a rasher of back bacon over the cheese.
Brush the exposed chicken with World Grill Mexican Madness PURE.
Mix the tinned beans with some of the Salsa Tex Mex Sauce and lay on a serving platter or foil tray.
Lay the chicken on top and finish with Spicemix Del Mondo Guadalajara PURE.

Oven cook at 180°c Gas Mark 4 for 20-25 minutes or until cooked through.