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Good health and well-being


Good health and well-being concerns farmers, consumers and employees. Verstegen wants everyone to enjoy responsible, healthy, but above all tasty food. We offer flavor for every dish, but also ensure that it is as healthy as possible. That is why we have a healthy nutrition policy.


100% natural raw materials

For example, we offer more vegetarian and vegetable dishes, we use 100% natural raw materials as much as possible, we use less / no salt and sugar and we use liquid (unsaturated) fats. For example, a number of sauces without added sugars have been launched and all spice mixes have been renewed so that they only contain 100% natural ingredients.

We offer flavour for every dish, but also ensure that it is as healthy as possible. That is why we have a healthy nutritional policy.


The talents and passions of our employees guide the progress of themselves and that of Verstegen. Every employee at Verstegen is therefore given the opportunity to develop it. Employees can continue to develop by following monthly training courses at the Verstegen Academy, the introduction program 'De Groene Loper', e-learning and on-the-job guidance.


At Verstegen, we support our employees in their language skills and self-reliance. Most of the employees in production are not native speakers of Dutch. They can therefore participate in the 'Language and Digital' course, a partnership with the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Library. Speaking the same language, literally and figuratively, means that we understand each other better and can work together better. In this way, we expect that our colleagues can continue to work with energy. The course makes our employees self-reliant within Verstegen and in Dutch society.

Verstegen employees

The herbs and spices from Verstegen come from the origin. From there, we keep everything in our own hands, from transport to grinding ourselves and safely processing in our production. This is done by about 500 trained colleagues, as one big family.

Social workingplace

Verstegen offers people at a distance from the labor market the opportunity to belong, because everyone belongs! These employees pack our delicate herbs and spices, under the guidance of the Municipality of Rotterdam. This makes it a pleasant working environment for them.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty
No Hunger
Better Health
Climate Action