Verstegen wins the acclaimed Business and Biodiversity Award!

Verstegen has won the Business and Biodiversity Award by the European Business Award for the Environment (an initiative of the European Commission). The jury of the EBAE was impressed by the first steps that Verstegen has taken towards a sustainable future by means of agroforestry, a sustainable agricultural method. Biodiversity is an important spearhead within Verstegen’s sustainability policy.

As a family-owned business, it is in our DNA to leave the world a little better for the next generation. Through sustainable agricultural methods we want to ensure that both the position of more than 2000 farmers and biodiversity are being improved. By investing in agroforestry, a sustainable agricultural system at which different crops are grown on one piece of land, Verstegen wants to make an impact on people, the environment and society, both now and in the future.

The European Business Awards for the Environment inspires companies to get started with a combination of innovation, economic viability, care for the environment and social responsibility. With the Business and Biodiversity Award, Verstegen has been given a platform which enables us to give more attention to our sustainability ambitions and activities throughout Europe.

Together, we can make more impact, on a national and international level and we invite you to join and support us on this incredible journey.

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